Market Pensacola Real Estate Where ...

Market Pensacola Real Estate Where the Buyers Are

This week Shane discusses how Marketing for Pensacola  Real Estate has changed. You do not want to be stuck in older tactics, when there are more efficient and detailed tactics available. This is one of the reason Shane sells property higher and in a shorter time frame than the average property here in Pensacola.

5 minutes in real estate00:37 Why topic came up

01:40 It does not matter what you like when selling your home. It’s what your buyer likes

02:10 Marketing is changing..PERIOD

02:42 It’s not about circulation its about engagement

03:40 Marketing is Shifting and I can prove it to you. Here is the simple test

05:10 Everything is now mobile

06:10 Ok so the problem is defined how to we correct it…What’s the solution

07:00 Here is a big reason why we must move online

08:00 Podcast on professional photos…REQUIRED LISTENING

09:46 Don’t let anyone base their value on subscription base. Rather how can it help you individually?

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