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Selling a piece of Real Estate is a business. Just like any other business you are attempting to attract the most buyers. BEING JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WILL COST YOU MONEY!

There are questions you should be asking when placing your property on the market:

1.) What is the Marketing Plan for the property?home_Kirim_revisi-01

2.) What is a good Pricing Plan for the property?

3.) How can I maximize my Exposure for the property?

4.) What can I do to set my property APART from others in the area ?

And much much more. In his Book The Business of Selling Your Property: A sellers Guide To The Science Behind Real Estate Sales Shane walks through all of these questions and more including:

1.) What small things to be done to increase value

2.) How to set your property apart in the buyers eyes

3.) Taking all the negotiation chips off the table

4.) What one item do buyers focus on the most when searching for a property and how you can benefit

If you want a FREE copy of the book fill out the request form. Get the rest of Shane’s Book for free now There are no strings attached.

If you want Shane to Personally discuss how his team can execute everything he discusses in his book make sure you contact him  

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