FHA Insurance Fees Go Down. Good News For Pensacola Real Estate

5 minutes in real estateThere was a buzz around the blog post I wrote on what FHA would consider a Gift fund and “who” could give such gift funds. If you have not read that yet you can CLICK HERE.

Today’s episode was a Facebook live video I did that discussed the fees going down for FHA. Yes you heard right Fees Went DOWN. Enjoy the quick episode

Oh and If you Have Not liked …

Pensacola Real Estate 2016 Review

This weeks episode is a review on some key statistics for our current state of Real Estate here in the Pensacola area.

5 minutes in real estate01:16 Criteria of the search for the stats

02:10 What was the sold numbers year over year

03:14 How many days on the market year over year

03:42 Percentage of amount of properties sold

04:24 Where are we heading Fed rates, buying power etc…



Florida State Supreme Court Ruling on Foreclosures Nov 3, 2016

So as I post this we are 1 day away from the 2016 Presidential Election. I have no idea who will win, and this post is not about that at all. This is about a Supreme Court Ruling passed November 3, 2016 that my stir an uptick in foreclosures in the great state of Florida.

5 minutes in real estate00:30 This is not a show about the presidential election, but it does cover some law changes…

What Story/LIE Are You Telling Yourself

As a society we have become very good at lying. Not necessarily by commission but by omission. This weeks episode was me telling a story of an experience I just had. I found that I could tell the story 3 ways and get a different response each time. I never lied or exaggerated the truth, but I did leave out some details in certain instances and the responses changed accordingly. I find …

What you need to know about the 2016 Florida Ballot Amendment’s dealing with real estate

Ok Ok so I know it’s political season and if you are like me you are really just kind of sick of it all. So why in the world would I do a political episode. Simple. There are amendments on this years ballots that has a direct correlation to real estate. I promise I am not going to discuss Presidents, Senators, Emails, Birth Certificates, Tax returns or anything of the sort. I …

Will Hurricane Matthew Affect My Homeowners Insurance

Here in Pensacola, we did not see any damage from Hurricane Matthew. Instead we were able to play host to those fleeing the destructive path. We do however live in Florida which means insurance will be affected for all of us. This episode Shane discussed some possible outcomes, as well as suggestions for insurance.

5 minutes in real estate00:28 President Obama discusses the seriousness of the storm

1:00 Thank you for reaching out to check on …

Market Pensacola Real Estate Where the Buyers Are

This week Shane discusses how Marketing for Pensacola  Real Estate has changed. You do not want to be stuck in older tactics, when there are more efficient and detailed tactics available. This is one of the reason Shane sells property higher and in a shorter time frame than the average property here in Pensacola.

5 minutes in real estate00:37 Why topic came up

01:40 It does not matter what you like when selling your home. It’s …

Pensacola Real Estate Will Go Down

If we think that real estate in Pensacola will always rise, quarter after quarter, than we did not learn our lesson from the crash of 08. In this episode Shane expresses some frustration on how the industry seems to always treat the public as naive and undeserving of the truth.

This is a quick 9 minutes but will make you think

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