Market Pensacola Real Estate Where the Buyers Are

This week Shane discusses how Marketing for Pensacola  Real Estate has changed. You do not want to be stuck in older tactics, when there are more efficient and detailed tactics available. This is one of the reason Shane sells property higher and in a shorter time frame than the average property here in Pensacola.

5 minutes in real estate00:37 Why topic came up

01:40 It does not matter what you like when selling your home. …

Pensacola Real Estate Will Go Down

If we think that real estate in Pensacola will always rise, quarter after quarter, than we did not learn our lesson from the crash of 08. In this episode Shane expresses some frustration on how the industry seems to always treat the public as naive and undeserving of the truth.

This is a quick 9 minutes but will make you think

Pensacola Home Buying Process

The home buying process can be daunting, difficult, and stressful……..OR….. you can follow the steps below and make it a very smooth transaction. DON”T GO OUT OF ORDER.


00:50 Change from the crash where you can reverse some of the order

1:37 Step 1…This is important to get this work done up front

02:02 Dangers of not doing step 1 first….story ends in sadness

03:41 Inventory plays a factor in buying process…

Why Interest Rate Rise Hurts Real Estate

I got a lot of feedback on my social media video about the Fed Raising Rates. SO much so that I wanted to record a quick podcast episode on WHY I said it.

If you want to see the Instagram post you can HERE

01:10 The brief history on how the Fed and Treasury rates are tied to the mortgage rates.

03:25 Why does this matter to us in Real Estate and …

Pensacola Real Estate Inside of Your IRA?

Most people do not realize they can have access to their retirement funds to buy real estate. This could be one of the most powerful episodes in your financial future. The key to this whole idea is CONTROL. This year I challenge you to take more control of your financial future. Here in the Pensacola Real Estate market we are seeing more of this. I brought this company on as I use …

Changes In Pensacola Real Estate Closings


New timelinesIf you haven’t heard by now, a MAJOR portion of the Dodd Frank act goes into effect on Aug 1, 2015. This portion is under the control of the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau. I know I know some of you are wondering what that has to do with me? EVERYTHING. This will affect most residential loans in the U.S. Eventually I …

Episode 11 Home Warranty. Real Estate Money and More Podcast

In this episode I talk with a good friend of mine Ferris……No not Bueller about the importance of a home warranty. I have recommended both my sellers and buyers this for years, so I wanted you to know some of the reasons why. Enjoy

03:50 What is the process if something breaks and I have a home warranty

05:00 Did he really just say a new AC for $100?

05:27 Are there …

Real Estate Buyer Misconceptions

Many Pensacola Real Estate buyers have mis-conceptions about today’s lending environment. Although we are not in the same environment we were in at 2005 (Thank goodness because we were giving money away then) it is not impossible to get a loan. This episode discussing some strategies on how to accomplish buying a home faster than you may think.


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