What Story/LIE Are You Telling Your...

What Story/LIE Are You Telling Yourself

As a society we have become very good at lying. Not necessarily by commission but by omission. This weeks episode was me telling a story of an experience I just had. I found that I could tell the story 3 ways and get a different response each time. I never lied or exaggerated the truth, but I did leave out some details in certain instances and the responses changed accordingly. I find more and more people just want the truth. Even if they don’t like the answer they respect the truth. For instance I just took a listing that the initial appointment the seller almost threw me out because he thought I was crazy with my valuation. I was just speaking the truth and I was not there to sugar coat it. 6 months later he called me and told me he didn’t like my answer but it is obviously the truth and he respects that. He is now a client. This podcast is not that story but one I felt I needed to share. What area of life are you not telling the whole story……..TO YOURSELF!

5 minutes in real estate00:45 If you want to see the video visit https://youtu.be/klZh1iqUG0E

01:47 How do you react to your story

02:20 WakeupWarrior.com

02:48 1st version of the story

04:30 what’s your reaction to the 1st version

05:17 2nd version of story

07:16 What’s your reaction to 2nd version

08:00 3rd version of story

09:55 2 chances or opportunities to back out

11:50 Hit life right out of the gate

13:32 What’s your reaction to the 3rd version

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