Florida State Supreme Court Ruling ...

Florida State Supreme Court Ruling on Foreclosures Nov 3, 2016

So as I post this we are 1 day away from the 2016 Presidential Election. I have no idea who will win, and this post is not about that at all. This is about a Supreme Court Ruling passed November 3, 2016 that my stir an uptick in foreclosures in the great state of Florida.

5 minutes in real estate00:30 This is not a show about the presidential election, but it does cover some law changes

01:40 Supreme Court ruling on foreclosure timelines

02:10 what was the statute of limitations for a foreclosure

02:43 outline of the new ruling

03:02 will we see a new uptick in foreclosure in Florida

03:44 currently at a 9 year low of foreclosure filings

04:10 Fl State Justice Barbara Pariente’s opinion on the ruling

04:48 What is the acceleration clause

05:45 my personal opinion on an uptick of new foreclosures

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